commissions by cozygoth

By commissioning me you agree and will abide by my Terms of Service below!

"You" stated below shall represent the client. "I" shall represent the artist (cozygoth).

I. Ordering & Payment

❥ You must provide a clear, un-shaded/flat coloured visual reference sheet when you are commissioning me. I do not accept descriptions or screenshots from video games (MMORPGs, Second Life, IMVU, etc.).

❥ Please be sure to be precise with what you want. If you do not specify a pose/position, I will assume artistic freedom.

❥ Payment will be via PayPal, cashapp or Venmo. I only accept USD (United States Dollar). Please make the correct conversion if you are from a country that does not deal in USD.

Payment will be dealt with via Invoices thru PayPal. If this is an issue for you, please let me know beforehand.

Payment is required upfront. For larger products (such as ref sheets) payment can be split half upfront and the next half after a sketch is completed.

Ask about virtual currencies and/or items.

II. Process

Most times, I will work in the order of my queue. There are times where certain commissions inspire/motivate me more than others; in this case they will be done first. Please be aware that I have not "skipped" your commission, or forgotten about it.

❥ In the event of an issue that hinders the process of a commission, you will be personally notified as soon as possible.

❥ If you wish to see a sketch before I continue for alterations/revisions, please be sure to let me know upon order.

If you need your commission done in a certain amount of time or before a certain date, please let me know upon order. Rush commissions result in an additional 30% fee.

❥ If there are any concerns regarding the time taken on your commission, please inquire. I ask that you wait at least 2 weeks before asking about the status of your commission.

III. Cancellation & Refund Policy

I do not accept cancellations/refunds upon your own negligence of your finances ("i need the money for my pet, gas," etc.).

❥ Cancellation of any commissions that have been started will result in a $5.00 fee that you must cover.

❥ Refunds will only be issued if a failure to complete your commission occurs. I will notify you if the commission cannot be completed. Refunds are usually not issued for commissions upon request by the client, see rule above.

VI. Copyright & Usage Policy

❥ As the artist, I hold full copyright of the artwork that is produced. Commissioned work should only be used by myself and the client.

You cannot reprint my work for profit/personal gains.

❥ You cannot claim copyright to my work, or give no credit.

❥ I have the right to post/publish your commission online, or in a portfolio.

❥ You are allowed to use the artwork you commission in any fashion so long as I am fully credited and you don't go against the rules above.

These are the services I currently offer. If you are interested in something else, please feel free to contact me.

Chibi ..................................... $20 USD

Refined Chibi ...................... $35 USD

Fullbody ................................ $50 USD

References ............ start at $50 USD

Customs ................. start at $60 USD

Twitter: cozygoth
E-mail: [email protected]

Fastest contact method would be Twitter as I have notifications on for the app.